Why is There a Catbert?

By: MarkWeaver Tuesday September 25, 2012 comments

For years, Ive clipped copies of the comic strip Dilbert when Catbert the evil HR Director was featured. I find it funny how many people in the employer-employee mix have this really jaded view of HR people. Actually I find it sad. Some of it isnt deserved. There are good HR people who really care about employees and the culture of their employers. Unfortunately, there are also those bad apples that spoil it. Ive followed behind some of them, cleaning up their messes. Whether its a horribly botched sexual harassment investigation, public... Read More

Why CEOs Don't Want HR As Normal

By: MarkWeaver Wednesday August 29, 2012 comments

In the June 2012 issue of HR Magazine, a publication of the Society for Human Resources Management, there is an interesting article titled, Accelerating Change at GM. It highlights Cynthia Brinkley, GMs new VP of Global HR. Cynthia is a seasoned executive, but not in HR; in fact, her prior HR career spanned a whopping two years. So how did someone with very little HR experience and no experience at all in the automotive industry end up in the top HR spot at one of the largest employers during the most critical time in its history? Cynthias... Read More

How Execs Rate HR's Performance and Why

By: MarkWeaver Wednesday August 22, 2012 comments

Just read another interesting article about HR - www.hrmorning.com/execs-rate-hr-performance-and-the-news-isnt-good . It looks like if the execs surveyed were using a forced ranking performance appraisal tool many HR people force on their organizations, HR would be at the bottom of the bell-shaped curve. Actually with just about any performance appraisal system, HR would be failing. Because it is. The key thing missing? Collaboration. How can that be? HR is supposed to be about inclusion, engagement, communication, and collaboration. Oh sure,... Read More

Why People Love to Hate HR

By: MarkWeaver Thursday August 2, 2012 comments

Just read an interesting blog on Why HR Still Isn't a Strategic Partner . The writing is good, but it's the hundreds of comments below it that are telling. Ok, let's be real. HR is on many people's "Love to Hate" list. Why is that? Could it be because: The very people saying, "HR should be at the table," are the HR professionals who haven't earned a seat there by being the kind of partners and strategic thinkers the leaders of their institution need at the table? The HR staff who say they are more than paper pushers are only known... Read More


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