The word "culture" came from a French word that meant "to cultivate." We use the phrase "cultivate culture" which is intentionally redundant. “Cultivate” gets the point across that:

  • Organizational culture takes work.
  • How you cultivate is based on what you want to cultivate.
  • The work will differ in different seasons.
  • Processes, systems, and tools will change with the seasons.
  • The work is never done.
  • The returns are worth it!

Without cultivating culture, you get a culture by default - the organizational equivalent of weeds.

Cultivating culture starts with defining exactly what the culture is - who it is. We call it your "Organizational DNA." Open Door will help you define yours, making it abundantly clear and intentionally visible. Everything we do is completely tailored to your organization, resulting in a definition of your Organizational DNA that is as unique as your fingerprints are to you.

That's just where it starts though, because your organizational culture is created by everything you and other leaders do, say, think, or promote. It takes constant, consistent work to cultivate a culture you will love and your team will thrive in.