Equal Pay for Equal Work Act

Monday December 7, 2020 comments

Coming to you 1.1.21 Happy New Year… well it will be shortly. And with that new year, if you’re a Colorado employer you’ve got a new regulation to comply with. Though you have to comply with all kinds of federal, state, and local laws and court precedents, your organization’s culture is a better reason to do these things. More on that at the end of this. Starting January 1, all employers in the state of Colorado are required to: Not inquire about salary history; Internally post every... Read More

Holiday Sensitivity or Bah Humbug?

Thursday December 3, 2020 comments

The conventional way of thinking in some circles as the end of the year holiday season approaches is to be sensitive to various religious beliefs - or no religious beliefs. Some argue that everything should be kept so generic and potentially non-offensive that traditional symbols of Christmas or Hanukkah or Mawlid an-Nab or whatever else be kept out of the workplace. Why? Some have taken this so far as to not use the colors red and green as those are traditional Christmas colors (though not anything that has to do with the original... Read More

You For President

Monday November 9, 2020 comments

It is 2020. Weirder things have happened. It is an election year. Why not you? According to BallotPedia, 1,224 people filed with the Federal Election Commission to run for President. Many of those have dropped out. In most states though, there were more candidates running than just the 2 most famous candidates. In mine, there were another 19. Why not you? You may never have the backing to make a run for the President of the United States of America. You may never aspire to be in that role. You may never wish that role on an enemy!... Read More

Everybody Knows a Turkey

Monday October 19, 2020 comments

No, I’m not talking about the politician you love to loathe. And I’m not even meaning a line from the famed Christmas Carol. Believe it or not, we’re in the final quarter of 2020. Thanksgiving is just a month away. Besides all the other stuff that goes along with this holiday, many employers use it as a time to express appreciation to their team. Appreciation is huge! One of the top motivators for team members is full appreciation. One of the top complaints that team members have about their bosses is that those... Read More

The Antidote to COVID

Friday September 18, 2020 comments

That doesn’t read COVID vaccine or COVID antibodies for a reason. This isn’t about medicine. An antidote isn’t something given to prevent a disease or something built up in an immune system in reaction to a disease. An antidote is given to neutralize a poison; to counteract. Not minimizing COVID here. I may have had it in February when I was diagnosed with pneumonia. I’ve known people who had mild cases, and I’ve known people who have been intubated and in the ICU for weeks. It’s a real... Read More

Make Black Lives Really Matter

Monday August 3, 2020 comments

I’m old enough that I remember 1968. I wasn’t old enough then to grasp what was going on in the world. As an elementary school kid, it was just the way the world was when I was growing up, complete with constant nightly news about race riots, police brutality, tear gas, national guard… sound familiar? There was a great opportunity to address issues by seeking understanding. A lot of that was missed. Some well-meaning people used the political process to pass laws attempting to right the obvious wrongs. More... Read More

When New Normal is Too Abnormal

Friday July 24, 2020 comments

It’s crazy out there. As communities and businesses reopen, partially open, reclose, and all the other variations of whatever “New Normal” is, there are a few things that are certain: Communities, customers, employees… all of us need business viability. Hopefully, most will make it through this. Unfortunately some haven’t and some won’t. People need jobs. Without vision, purpose, and income, people can become hopeless. The more desperate people become, the worse it is for our society. ... Read More

Culture Clarification

Friday July 17, 2020 comments

I absolutely love helping organizations define their culture. Sometimes that’s precipitated by some kind of morale issue or dysfunction that points out a need to reset or even completely overhaul a culture that’s eroded to something entirely different from what the leader envisioned. More often than not though, the intended culture is just not defined well. That can be because: They’ve hired a Facilitator to lead them through a Strategic Planning Retreat where they created a mission statement that’s... Read More

Office Politics 2020

Friday July 10, 2020 comments

Some people want to force conversations about the elephant in the room. Some people want to behave like asses. And I’m not really addressing either political party as much as I am behaviors that seem to be commonplace in our society when it comes to how polarized we’ve become about everything.. We’ve still got 4 months until the election. You may feel so strongly about your candidate of choice that you want to try to persuade employees to vote your way. Conversely, with all the commercials, mailings, phone... Read More

Hiring the Best - COVID Style

Thursday July 2, 2020 comments

In times of high uncertainty and high unemployment, you can get an overwhelming amount of responses from people who need a job - any job, and yours will do. Some of those could be people with skills you need. Some could be people with transferable skills. Some will not be able to give you the ROI you need from those you hire. How do you tell the difference? And how do you make determinations on who the best candidate is when interviewing in person may be challenging or impossible? How do you know who will want to go back to their prior... Read More


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